Release Information of bestIMAGE 64 Bit Edition Patch 5.80/11

New CAD features:

New CAM features:

Solved CAD Bugs:

Solved CAM Bugs:

Solved CAM Bugs for service technicians:

It is recommended to make backups of this files before installation: InfoMgmtBE.db (maybe located on a shared server location)

Installation of Patch:
This Patch can only be applied on bestIMAGE 5.80/01, 5.80/02, 5.80/03, 5.80/04, 5.80/05, 5.80/06, 5.80/07, 5.80/08, 5.80/09 or 5.80/10!
Download this file:


and double click on the downloaded file Update.exe.
This will start the Patch installation program which will guide you through the installation.
You have to close bestIMAGE before launching Update.exe.

The setup only was successful if you read a success message at the end of the installation !

If the installation can not be completed successfully for any reason, you have to completely uninstall all bestIMAGE software and reinstall it, otherwise an unstable configuration might be the result.
Alternatively you may try to re-install the same patch again until it successfully completes.